LCQ PerQ’s

Welcome to LCQ PerQ’s – Low Country Quisine’s new Corporate Catering Rewards Program, our way of thanking you for your continued patronage and loyalty!

This is an exciting program that allows you to earn points based on the money that you spend with your orders and “cash-out” any time you’d like to get the reward that you want to most.

Below are the earning levels and the rewards for each. We will track your spending and send an email when you reach each milestone!

Have fun earning!

25 points
($1,250 of spending)
Free beverage with an order or purchase of 2 cupcakes
50 points
($2,500 of spending)
3 Free Entrees (in conjunction with an order or certificate for storefront)
75 points
($3,750 of spending)
Bottle of Boisset Wine or Dozen Cupcakes
100 points
($5,000 of spending)
$50 Gift Card to LCQ
150 points
($7,500 of spending)
$100 Donation to Texas Food Bank (*Donation made in your name)
250 points
($10,000 of spending)
$250 Catering Voucher
500 points
($25,000 of spending)
$500 Catering Voucher or Case of Wine from Boisset